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Anaferon for Children 20 tablets Materia Medica

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Anaferon for Children 20 tablets
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Anaferon for children belongs to the group of immunomodulators and antiviral agents. The drug exerts dual action, that is, early antiviral action mediated through the induction of IFN-α and complementary antiviral аnd full-scale immunomodulatory effects that are realized via IFN-γ production. Anaferon treatment results in the increased functional cell pool involved in the immune response, increased functional activity of phagocytes and natural killer cells, and production of protective antibodies. Thus, acting through the interferon system, Anaferon exerts its influence on all aspects of antiinfectious response, i.e. nonspecific defense mechanisms and cellular and humoral immune responses. Anaferon for children blocks viral replication in the host cells and demonstrates antimutagenic action. Anaferon inhibits viral replication at the stage of translation, imperative and universal for all viruses. Exactly this action provides for its broad-spectrum antiviral activity. Indication: Therapy and prevention of influenza, acute viral infections of upper respiratory tract (rhinitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, tracheobronchitis), and acute viral infections with gastrointestinal component. The drug is recommended in the complex therapy of infections caused by herpes viruses (infectious mononucleosis, varicella, labial herpes, genital herpes) and for the prevention of relapses of chronic herpes virus infection. Anaferon for children is also used in the complex therapy of bacterial infections and secondary immunodeficiencies of various origin, including the prevention and treatment of complications of viral and bacterial infections.

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