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Badger Fat Oil with Vitamin Complex Tuberculosis Pneumonia Capsules 60 pcs

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Badger Fat Oil with Vitamin Complex- 60 pcs


Badger’s fat has many healthy properties, which are the reason of biologically active substances, accumulated by animal for normal vital functions during several months of hibernation without food and water. It is widely used in official and folk medicine more than two centuries, as high-performance, natural medicinal prophylactic. When taking in, it is fully assimilated in blood, enriching organism with necessary trace elements, organic acids and vitamins. When taking badger’s fat, immunity of the organism rise, blood formation system regulates itself, protein metabolism becomes better. Usage of badger’s fat help to avert tuberculosis illnesses, normalize secretory activity of stomach and bowels, raise emotional tone. More than that, medicine favour the slowdown of purulent processes, close fistulas and niduses, clean wounds and, as a result, organism recovers.

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