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Bronhostop Cough Sirup 120ml Kwizda Pharma GmbH

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Bronhostop Cough Sirup 120ml


Bronchostop -expectorant drug containing the active ingredients of plant origin. Bronchostop contains thyme extract and extract of marshmallow syrup or guaifenesin oral drops. Thyme extract -contains flavonoids and essential oils that have expressed a bronchodilator, and sekretoliticheskim antibacterial action. Thyme extract helps to reduce the viscosity of sputum, stimulates the excretion of mucus from the respiratory tract, makes breathing easier and reduces cough. Marshmallow Root Extract -contains mucus polysaccharide compounds having softening, shielding and anti-inflammatory action. Marshmallow Root Extract reduces irritation of the respiratory tract, resulting in a marked decrease in patients cough. Guaifenesin -relaxes the smooth muscle layer of the bronchi, reduces irritation of the respiratory tract and reduces the viscosity of sputum. Guaifenesin facilitates the removal of phlegm, eases breathing and prevents the development of bronchial obstruction. Bronchostop pharmacokinetics has not been studied. Indications: Bronchostop prescribed to patients suffering from diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract, accompanied by symptoms such as coughing and shortness of removal of sputum.

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