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CONTRYVEN solution for injection Aprotinin 10000 KIE/ml ampoules 1ml 10pcs. Контривен

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active ingredient: aprotinin;

1 ml of solution contains: 10,000 KIO of aprotinin;




Aprotinin is indicated for prophylaxis in order to reduce postoperative blood loss and the need for hemotransfusion in adult patients with high risk of high blood loss during isolated cardiopulmonary bypass surgery (that is, bypassing coronary arteries, which is not combined with other cardiovascular interventions).


Hypersensitivity to the active substance (protein of the cattle), disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC-syndrome). Patients with IgG-specific antibodies specific to aprotinin have an increased risk of anaphylaxis in aprotinin treatment. In this regard, therapy with aprotinin in such patients is contraindicated.

If testing for specific IgG antibodies against aprotinin is not possible before treatment is initiated, but it is anticipated that the patient received treatment with aprotinin over the previous 12 months, administration of aprotinin is contraindicated.


Method of administration and dose.

Before starting the drug, all patients should have an IgG antibody specific for aprotinin (see section "Contraindications").

Except in cases where the nature of the appointments is different, the following doses of the drug are recommended for adult patients:

Test dose.

Due to the risk of developing an allergic (anaphylactic) reaction, all patients should be given intravenous 10,000 KIDs (calicreatinating inhibitors) with aprotinin (1 ml), at least 10 minutes before the initial dose. If the initial dose of 1 ml did not cause an allergic reaction, then a therapeutic dose can be introduced.

Antagonists H1 and H2 can be administered 15 minutes before the test with aprotininum. It is necessary to have equipment for the standard emergency treatment of anaphylactic and allergic reactions.

During operations on the open heart (with an artificial blood circulation device) to reduce blood loss and need for hemotransfusion:


After administration to the anesthesia (but before the sternotomy), it is recommended to enter a loading dose from 1 000 to 2 000 000 CIDs by slow intravenous injection or infusion for 20-30 minutes. The next 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 CIDs should be introduced after the inclusion of an artificial blood circulation device. In order to avoid the physical incompatibility of aprotinin and heparin added to the pump's primary filling solution, each drug should be added to the pump's primary filling solution during recirculation, in order to ensure sufficient dilution of both preparations before they are mixed with each other. After initial bolus infusion at a high dose, you should enter from 250,000 to 500,000 KIDs per hour by continuous infusion until the end of surgery.

In general, the total amount of aprotinin injected during the treatment cycle should not exceed 6000000 CODI associated with the content of benzyl alcohol in the injectable solution (see section "Application Features").

Aprotinin for intravenous administration should be administered via a central venous catheter, which should not be used for the administration of any other medicinal product.

The drug can be administered only to patients who are in a lying position; administration should be performed slowly (maximum speed - from 5 to 10 ml per minute) by intravenous injection or short-term infusion.

Patients with renal impairment: According to the accumulated clinical experience, dose correction is not required.

Use in elderly patients: According to current clinical experience, elderly patients do not need to change their dosage regimen.

You can not use the drug if clouding of ampoule contents is detected. After opening the ampoule, the solution should be applied immediately.

Children. Effectiveness and safety of the use of the drug for children have not been established.

Overdose Symptoms of overdose or intoxication are not described. No specific antidote exists. Symptomatic treatment is recommended.

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