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Dacarbazin powder 10 vials 100mg dacarbazine Malignant diseases Medac Дакарбазин

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Quick Overview

Cancer treatment, malignant diseases


Dacarbazin Indications

Treatment of malignant diseases: melanoma of the skin with metastases, Hodgkin's disease at III-IV stage, soft tissue sarcoma.


pregnant women who are breastfeeding, children and patients with an allergic reaction that has arisen during the previous application of the drug. You can not use the drug for diseases such as bone marrow hypoplasia, hepatic and renal failure, generalized infections, chicken pox, scabies, phlebitis.

Dosage & Administration

Used both in monotherapy and in combination chemotherapy, especially with bleomycin, cisplatin, 5-fluorouracil, vincristine and prednisolone.

Used only internally, usually with a single injection injected for about 1 minute, or intravenously drip for 15-30 minutes with preliminary dilution of 200-300 ml of isotonic sodium chloride solution or 5% glucose solution


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