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ESSENTIAPHARM Liver Regeneration 30Caps

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Detox Diseases Treat


Essentiale-analog Liver Regeneration 30 Caps 0.4g. 
Detox Diseases Treatment

Highly efficient combined preparation containing centroleks-s and the fruit Silybum spotted. Biologic active additive can be used in diets as a tonic preparation, as well as may be recommended in case of the liver Diseases.

Centroleks-f is a highly concentrated in the form of soya lecithin phospholipids (97%) of recent content in the ratio, which takes place in soybeans. Phospholipids are the major component of cell membranes and the energy of the material. They are called essential phospholipids that displays their value for the organism as essential factors in the growth and development necessary for the functioning of all cells, without exception.
The composition of the
Centroleks-s, milk thistle.
Indications for use
The item has a beneficial effect on the organism, namely:
-prevents the destruction of hepatocytes (liver cells) and facilitates their regeneration;
-has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties;
-improves the secretion of bile (jelchegonnoe effect);
-promotes the breakdown of fat and reduce cholesterol levels in the body;
-neutralizes the toxins in alcohol, food and medicinal poisonings;
-improves the condition of skin;
-recommended as adjuvant therapy in the complex treatment of liver diseases of different etiology.
Not identified.
Side effects
Not identified.

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