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Gynoflor 6 vaginal tablets Bacterial vaginosis, Candidiasis Гинофлор

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Candidiasis tretament


Gynoflor Indications

- Recovery of Lactobacillus flora following local and / or systemic treatment with anti-infectious or chemo-therapeutic agents;

- Atrophic vaginitis caused by estrogen deficiency during the menopause and postmenopausal period or as an adjunct to systemic hormonal substitution therapy;

- Mild and moderate cases of bacterial vaginosis and candidiasis, vaginal discharge of unknown origin (Fluor vaginalis), in which the use of anti-infectious therapy is not strictly necessary;

- Prophylactic treatment of recurrent vaginal infections. 


- Increased sensitivity to active substances or to any of the excipients;

- Malignant tumors (estrogen-dependent malignant tumors) in the mammary gland, uterus or vagina;

- Endometriosis (suspected or diagnosed)

- Vaginal bleeding of unknown origin;

- should not be used for young girls who have not reached sexual maturity.

Dosage & Administration

Recovery of Lactobacillus flora after local and / or systemic treatment with anti-infectious or chemo-therapeutic agents, Fluor vaginalis (vaginal discharge), vaginal infections

1-2 vaginal tablets are administered daily for 6-12 days. Vaginal pills need to be deeply inserted into the vagina in the evening before going to bed. It is better to do this, lying on his back, barely bending his legs in his lap.

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