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Insectoacaricide Growth Regulator Antimycotic Protector of Tomatoes Plant

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three ampules intended for 10 liters of water (1-2 ares)


"The Protector of the Tomatoes" is highly effective against the majority of insects, depredator and all kinds of diseases, wearing serious damage to agriculture. It include 3 ampules: - Insectoacaricide: efficiently and instantly destroys depredators. - Growth Regulator: ecological growth stimulator. - Antimycitic: protects against late blight disease, makrosparioz and other diseases. Advantages: - Effective at normal and elevated temperatures. - The drug has toxic effects on eggs, larvae and on adult insects. "The Protector of the Tomatoes" is effective against such depredators and diseases: slugges, wireworms, Colorado beetle, late blight, streak,cladosporiosis, Septoria blight, blueberry blossom blight, black rot, cottony rot, macrosporiosis and others.

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