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Metronidazole 10 tablets 250mg Antibacterial agents Метронидазол

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Amebiasis, trichomoniasis, vaginitis, giardiasis treatment


Metronidazole Indications

- Infections caused by microorganisms susceptible to the drug: 

      amebiasis; urogenital trichomoniasis; nonspecific vaginitis; giardiasis.

- Surgical infections caused by metronidazole-sensitive anaerobic microorganisms.

- As a substitute for intravenous treatment of infections caused by metronidazole-sensitive anaerobic microorganisms.


Hypersensitivity to metronidazole or to the imidazole group, as well as to other components of the drug. Children up to 6 years of age (due to dosage form)

Dosage & Administration

Amebiasis: 7 days of treament.

Adults: 1.5 g per day, that is, 500 mg (2 tablets) 3 times a day.

Children 6 years of age: 30-40 mg / kg of body weight per day for 3 admissions.

Hyaluronicus: 5 days of treatment.

Adults should be prescribed 750 mg-1 g of metronidazole per day.

Children aged 6-10 years - 375 mg / day, 10-15 years - 500 mg per day.

Women trichomoniasis: 10 days of treatment, combining 250 mg (1 tablet) 2 times a day and 1 vaginal suppository (500 mg) per day.

*A sexual partner should be treated simultaneously, despite the presence or absence of clinical signs of trichomoniasis infection, even if the result of laboratory tests is negative.

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