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PHOSPHALUGEL( ALUMINII PHOSPHAS) 20g №20 Astellas Pharma Europe

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Therapeutic effect of the preparation is determined by colloidal aluminium phosphatis that exerts triple curative effect: antacid, coating and absorbing action. Antacid effect of Phosphalugel allows to increase PH till 3,5-5 for less than 10 minutes. In the following Phosphalugel maintains optimal PH level due to buffered properties. Normalization of PH levels leads to lowering the proteolytic activity of pepsin. Phosphalugel contributes to formation of mucoid and antipeptic layer in esophagus, stomach and bowel. It normalizes passage in the intestine as well. Adsorption activities allows Phosphalugel eliminate microorganisms and foreign substances from the digestive tract. INDICATIONS: For adults: -Peptic ulcer -Gastritis with normal and increases acidity -Reflux esophagitis -Diaphragmatic hernia - Non-ulcer dyspepsia -Functional diseases of large bowel. -Stomach and intestinal diseases associated with drugs application For children: - Esophagitis -Esophageal reflux -Gastritis -Peptic ulcer

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