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Fertilizer for orchids house plants flowers indoor - 5 grams PC10

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For indoor plants


The world of orchids is very diverse. This diversity includes a huge number of species of this plant. It is important to feed it during the year. Just as human beings, plants require additional nutrients other than those which they receive from the soil. First of all, you should know that orchids are fed from a small volume of soil, where a small amount of nutrients, and is in difficult shape. If you decide to feed the flowers, use the special mixture for orchids, which contain all the necessary nutrients in the correct proportions. High-quality, multi-component water-soluble fertilizer used to feed different types of orchids.

The systematic use of fertilizers ensures proper growth, healthy looking plants and multiple flowering, saves energy plants than improve immunity, disease resistance and quality of flowering.

Application of fertilizer for orchids "Scotts Everris": Dissolve contents of the packet 3-5 liters and spray the plants with this solution using a spray, ensuring even coverage or root feeding directly into the square root zone. Feed the plants should be in the morning or evening, with an interval of 10-12 days between the fed. You can use almost all pesticides.

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