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Seeds of Adenium Somali Mix 3 pcs Adenium somalense S0013

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Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania Adenium


Seeds of Adenium Somali Mix 3 pcs!
Adenium somalense is from Somalia south, Kenya and Tanzania. In Somalia and adjacent areas of Kenya this plant becomes a small tree, to 15 feet tall, with a massively swollen trunk. In other areas, it is more shrubby and similar to A. obesum. The flowers are a bit smaller but similar to A. obesum.). Only A. arabicum (some populations) and socotranum have larger caudexes. The flowers are rather small especially considering the size of the plant. The most identifiable characters are the conical caudex, light-colored veins in the leaves, and nectar guides that extend onto the petal bases. This species is extremely intolerant of cold. Temperatures below 50° F (10° C) for a few weeks will usually cause the roots to Even keeping the plant dry in winter will not reliably prevent this collapse. Probably for this reason and because of its large size it is not common in cultivation. 
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