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Set of Mushrooms for growing at home 5 Packs

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Set of Mushrooms for growing at home - 5 Packs


The set of mushroom seeds include: Spring Oyster( Ostreatus) 1 pack.- A valuable dietetic kind of oyster mushrooms. The cap is light white, convex, smooth with a thin blade lowered edge, diameter 37cm. Oyster ( Pleurotus Ostreatus) 1 pack. - perfect for cooking, frying and marinating! It contains all the eesential substances to the human body. Royal oyster 1 pack.- These mushrooms are similar to meat- the flesh of these mushrooms contains vitamins of Groups B, C, E, and D2. It is considered the most valuable. Champignon ( Boletus) 1 pack. - The high content of protein, vitamins and minerals! Champignon - the most popular of cultivated mushrooms. Royal Champignon 1 pack. - These mushrooms have a more expressed mushroom taste and smell. Please notice that: It can be in the different packs - the seeds inside are the same. It's 100 % original and it has been keeping in an appropriate storage condition.

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