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SOLCOSERYL ointment 5% 20g tube

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small injuries, venous ulcers, burns


Solcoseryl is a tissue metabolism activator, chemically and biologically standardized and deproteinised, non antigenic and apyrogenic hemodialized extract form the blood of healthy young calf. Solcoseryl contains a large amount of natural low molecular substances - glycolipides, nucleosides, nucleotides, amino acids, oligopeptides, irreplaceable micro elements, electrolytes. Solcoseryl increases reparative and regenerative processes, contributes to activation of metabolic processes and oxidative phosphorylation reactions. Solcoseryl increases oxygen intake, especially in cases of hypoxia. Possesses membrane-stabilizing and cell-protecting properties.

Solcoseryl vials(2ml and 5 ml) are used to treat:

Occlusive peripheral vascular diseases in Fontaine stage 2 or 3
Chronic venous insufficiency manifested in trophic disorders.
Solcoseryl ointment and gel are used in:

Badly healing wounds
Bed sores
Chemical and thermal burns
Radiation dermatitis

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