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Spasmalgon Tablets №50

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Spasmalgon Tablets №50


A combined drug with a potent spasmolytic and analgesic action. Its spasmolytic effect is due to direct myotropic action and M-cholinolytic action on the smooth muscles of the spastically contracted organs. Its analgesic effect is determined by the central and peripheral action of analgin included in the drug. Analgin, on the one hand, reduces inflammation and inhibits the formation of allogenic substances and, on the other, it stimulates the non-opiate antinociceptive system by inhibiting the synthesis of prostaglandins. Spasmalgon has a certain antipyretic and antiphlogistic action. Indications: Painful spasms of smooth muscles - renal colic, spasms of the ureter, tenesmus of the urinary bladder, biliary colic, dyskinesia of the biliary ducts, intestinal and gastric colic, spastic dysmenorrhea, light and moderately severe paroxysms of bronchial asthma.

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