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Troxevasin Gel 2% ( Troxevasin) tube 100g Balkanpharma Troyan Varicous Treatment

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Troxevasin Gel 2% ( Troxevasin) tube 100g


Troxevasin is a mixture of bioflavonoids, including troxerutin. It acts venotonically and reduces the increased capillary permeability. The preparation antagonizes the venodilative effect of histamine, bradikinine and acetylcholine. Troxevasin exerts anti-inflammatory effect on the perivenous tissue. It also possesses pronounced capilla rotonic activity and certain anti-aggregation effect. The preparation reduces edema, relieves pain and improves the trophics and various pathological changes, associated with venous insufficiency. As a result of these properties, Troxevasin possesses marked venotonic, capillarotonic, anti-exudative and he mostatic effect. It suppresses the hrombocyte aggregation. Improves the trophic disturbances in case of various syndrome and treats successfully chronic venous insufficiency and its complications. INDICATIONS Venous insufficiency of the lower limbs and haemorrhoids. For the treatment of pre-varicous and varicous syndrome, varicous ulcers, superficial thrombophlebitis, phlebitis, post-phlebitis conditions, chronic venous insufficiency, haemorrhoids, retinopathy, muscular cramps, pains of traumatic origin - following contusions, distorsions, luxations and etc., edema and pain in trauma and varicous veins, varicous dermatitis. As an adjuvant in the treatment of scleropathy and venectomy.

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