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VAGISAN (Lactobacillus Rhamnosus) Capsule Vaginal № 7 Jadran

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VAGISAN Capsule Vaginal № 7 Jadran


Vagisan is manufactured in form of vaginal capsules containing lactobacilli of normal vaginal microflora and performing protective function.Local or systemic treatment of vaginal infections with antibiotics and sulfanilamides, hormonal therapy and incorrect hygiene damage natural vaginal flora, increase the risk of relapse. Adjunctive treatment to control the content of lactic acid in the vagina, chronic or recurrent bacterial vaginosis with mild and moderate severity. THERAPEUTIC INDICATIONS: Bioselac is to be administered in order to restore or maintain normal vaginal microflora in the following cases: -prophylaxis and treatment of specific and nonspecific vaginal infections -in complex vaginitis therapy, including vaginitis of bacterial etiology; -prophylaxis of vulvovaginal candidosis -prophylaxis of vaginal dysbiosis of different etiology -during administration of different types of antibiotics, oral and vaginal contraceptives -before topical gynecological intervention -as prevention while using tampon, topical contraceptives in insufficient hygiene; -at occurence of vaginal discharge

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