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Venoplant (Aescinum) Tablets №20 DR.WILLMAR SCHWADE

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Venoplant (Aescinum) Tablets №20


Venoplant was created on the basis of extract of horse chestnut`s seeds thanks to which it produces venotonic, capillary-strengthening, anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous and pain-relief effects. Venoplant could be used both for treatment and prevention of lower extremities veins diseases, including varicosities accompanied by chronic venous insufficiency with such appearances as pain and feeling of heaviness in lower extremities, night convulsions of gastrocnemius muscles, skin pruritus and legs edema. Healthy influence of horse chestnut on capillary vessels and veins was known конского каштана на капилляры и вены знали back in ancient times, and nowadays was found that all above mentioned effects are provided by the escin substance contained in it. Just escin decreases blood viscosity, prevents to occurrence of blockades of veins and capillary vessels at this eliminating the inflammation, edema, heaviness and pain in legs. There is also very important that Venoplant is convenient in use, as contains maximum quantity of active substance in one tablet. Venoplant tablets are intended for long-term treatment of chronic venous insufficiency. Venoplant is tolerated well and could be combined with other methods of treatment and preventive measures.

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